Filling the Pre-Enrolment Document

The Pre-Enrolment Document is presented in PDF format. This format is prepared to be able to be filled with the standar applications present i most common Operative Systems.

whe have detected some users that had problems in the process of filling the document, so we decided to develop this guide to help this users. This can be causeb bhy the different configurations existing in the computers of the users or the internet navigators that the users can be using.


If you follow this insctructions and you can not fill the document electronically, print the document and fill it manually.


This guide should help in the process of filling the Pre-enrolment Document.

  • 1. – Store in the computer’s desktop or an easy to find location the Pre-Enrolment Document using:
    • Firefox:: “Save Link As”
    • Internet Explorer: “Save target as”
    • Chrome:“Save Link As…
  • 2. – Open the document whith the last verion of the program Adobe Reader, You can download the last version from: Adobe Reader Download Page (Uncheck the Special Offer option)
  • 3. – Once you have opened the document with the Adobe Reader program, fill the fields with your personal dataand print the document.
  • 4. – Sign the document (required to be able to accept the document)
  • 5. – Do the Bank transference detailed in the Pre-Enrolment Document.
  • 6. – Send the signed document and the proof of payment using one of the detailed methods:
    • E-mail: capadministració
    • Standar mail: Calle Passeig de Ronda, 55-57 Baixos, CP:25006 Lleida, España.
    • Delivery in the secretary’s office.