uTutorial Support

The Action plan Tutorial (PAT) of the UdL is a project of tutorización that is carried out in diverse centers of Lleida’s University, coordinated by the Institute of Sciences of the Education; where there take part the coordinators of the Plan of every center. In this context, the University School of Labour Relations initiated an Action plan Tutorial (PAT) to facilitate the adjustment of the students again revenue as complement to other mechanisms put in march in the UdL as the open days, advice in the process of matriculation, etc.

The model of tutorship in the School of Labour Relations, places inside the Action plan Tutorial (PAT) of Lleida’s University. According to the document PAT-UdL, the Plan tries to help to give response to the expositions of the European Space of Top Education (EEES) and to provide the necessary mechanisms of adjustment to face to the new organizational requirements of the University that stem, to muffle the effects of the change that begins and to contribute to the improvement of the university quality. During the first years of reform and implementation of the new degrees, the Action plan Tutorial will have a basic importance and will help to support the students, very specially during the programs of reception, which will serve to provide to the student body of basic resources to assume the role protagonist of the learning process.

Every time there remains more well-taken the presence of the university tutorship in the top education, basically, for the new needs of the university institution: the heterogeneity of the student body (foreigners, educational special needs, pupils who reconcile the labour activity with the studies, etc.) and the new study plans that they must adapt to the new European space of university education. During the early years of reform and implementation of new degrees, Tutorial Action Plan will have a basic importance and will help support the students, especially during the host program, which will serve to provide students with basic resources assume the leading role of the learning process.

The Document PAT-UdL indicates that the university tutorship is an educational action of orientation directed to stimulating and facilitating the integral development of the students, in his intellectual, affective, personal and social dimension, on line with the quality exposition from the perspective of the student body. This way so, the purpose of the Pl. of Action Tutorial is of giving support to the student body in his process of integral formation, across the personal, academic and professional orientation in order that it could take decisions based well along his university career, as professional future and as civil / to. This purpose and it makes concrete in the following aims:

  • To favor the integration of the student body in the University.
  • To optimize the learning process of the pupil.
  • To orientate for the continued formation.
  • To facilitate the ripeness of the personal and professional project of the student body.

The model of university tutorship that develops the School of Labour Relations and Human Resources bases on the figure of the teacher / to tutor. Every student again access has one assigned tutor the first course, which deals with the academic, personal and professional orientation.

The development and functioning of the PAT in the Labour School of Relations and Human Resources is based on a series of activities that develop along the academic course. These activity they begin with a program of reception directed the students again I access in the one that facilitates to himself to the new student body information about aspects as the organizational structure, academic information and student representation, between others.

Along the course several meetings of the tutor are programmed / to by his student. Also individual meetings become a tutor / tutor student / to when the latter requests it to treat more personal needs.

Simultaneously the tutor / ace will realize coordinators’ meetings with the rest of coordinators / ace of the PAT of the different centers of the UdL

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