• Academicians
    • Director:
      Dr. Ramón Borjabad Bellido.
    • SubDirector:
      Dr. Blanca Ballester Casanella.
    • Academic Secretary:
      Dr. Joan Sagués San José.
    • Chief Department: Law offices of the Company:
      Dr. Ada Garriga Cots.
    • Chief Department: Social, Historical and Economic Studies:
      Dr. Jesús Gasque López.
    • Teachers Representative:
      Miss. Inés Polo Izquierdo.
    • Pupils Delegate in the school:
      Miss Ares Guarí Rulduà.
    • Degree Coordinator:
      Dr. Mª Victoria Borjabad Bellido.
    • International Mobility Manager:
      Dr. Mª Victoria Borjabad Bellido.
  • Standard and quality academic committee
    • 2 members of the management team.
    • 1 representative of the Board of the School of Industrial Relations Foundation Lleida.
    • One member from each of the departments.
    • teacher coordinator of degree.
    • 1 representative of the academic staff management.
    • 1 student representative of the EURL.
  • UDL academic committee
  • UDL language policy committee
  • UDL information, guidance and academic promotion committee