Learning resources

Technological resources:

Internet: All EURL has access to the Internet through the network connection or the UdL through the different areas of wireless (WIFI).

EURL website, access to the general public: www.eurl.es. Provides all the relevant information about the EURL, activities, etc.

Intranet: The Intranet EURL consists of various spaces in which users can only access their assigned username.

Email: All members of the EURL: teachers and administrative staff and services have an email account, which can also be accessed via web from outside.

Print, copy and scan documents via printers, copiers and scanners. These machines are in academic management and computer room.

Platform for Academic Management: Facilitates enrollment management, the introduction of skills, management of records, certificate generation, processing of securities, collection of fees, etc. In addition to internal management, the tool has a service that allows students to consult your file and the processing of some requests to Academic Secretariat.

Observatory of the TIC: The Centre of Information Technologies and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the UDL is a project of the Virtual Teaching Unit of the ICE which aims to provide a forum for analysis and study of various topics related to the use of ICT in teaching (Observatori)


Códigos electrónicos universitarios

Todo el Derecho (Legislación, Jurisprudencia, Doctrina, Dictámenes…)


The University of Lleida has a Library and Documentation Service (SBD) certification awarded ANECA Quality since 2003, and comprising:

  • Cappont Library: Library Cappont opened in 2003 to commemorate the 700th Anniversary of the University in Lleida. Conceived as campus library, covers the areas of law, economics, business, labour, engineering, psychology, education, social education and sociology. Ranked 4.520m2 and has 509 reading places.
  • Health Sciences Library C / Montserrat Roig, 2, 25008 LLEIDA.
  • Library of ETSEA Av Rovira Roure, Lleida 191.
  • Library of Arts Place Victor Siurana, 1 Lleida.
  • Health Sciences Library. C / Montserrat Roig , 2 25008 LLEIDA

Through the SBD different services offered, which can be accessed through the website of the Library (www.bib.udl.cat):

  • Acquisitions
  • User training
  • Loan or laptops and USB sticks
  • Loan
  • Obtaining documents (SOD)
  • Bibliographic Information
  • Reprographics
  • Statement or serials
  • Reworks
  • Deposits or digital documents
  • Evaluation of SBD

Digital library
The University of Lleida offers users a number of documents that can be viewed on- line:

  • Digests or electronic (e – dossier): The dossiers are collections of digitized materials, the aim of which, according to the function of the SBD is to be a supplement to support teaching, teaching and research.
  • eBooks:
    • Searching e-journals
    • Electronic Encyclopedias
    • Databases
    • PhD theses
    • Subject Guides
    • Virtual libraries
    • Press
    • Official journals
    • Digital Document Storage