Pre-enrolment Rules  Pre-enrolment Document

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Pre-enrolment and Register

New students

Enrolment will be fulfilled in the centre secretary’s office.



Pre-enrolment: from 2nd March to 6th July.

  • 1st Resolution: 30th April.
  • 2nd Resolution: 15th July.

Enrolment: 20th, 21st to 22nd July.


SECOND TERM (if available placements)

  • Pre-enrolment: from 27th July to 4th September.
  • Resolution: 9th September.
  • Register: 15th, 16th and 17th September.


THIRD TERM (if available placements)

  • Pre-enrolment: from 21st September to 11th October.
  • Resolution: 14th October.
  • Register: 15th and 16th October


Ver: Pre-enrolment Document


Register modalities

  • Full time: Students have to enroll a minimum of 60 credits in an academic year.
  • Part Time: Students who opt for this option must register a minimum of 20 credits. This calculation does not take into account the recognized credits.