Origins of the center.

Lleida’s University is the most ancient of Catalonia and one of the first ones of Spain, his origins go back a year 1300, in him D. Jaime II believes himself the General Study for the letter of grant of the king of Aragon. Nevertheless, the opposition of the city to the king Borbón carries the closing of the General Study, after 417 years of long existence, as well as of the rest of the Catalan universities after the Succession war and, his emplacement in Cervera’s city in 1717 for his support to Philip V.

In this respect, the creation in 1841 of Lleida’s Normal School constitutes the first stone of Lleida’s current University; nevertheless, it was necessary to wait until 1968 in order that the effective reimplantation of studies was taking place in Lleida, though depending on the Universities of Barcelona.

The origins of the education in Lleida’s city, go back a year 1966, when the Mayor of Lerida and other local and provincial authorities presided by the Civil Governor, constituted the Advice of the Patronage of the Seminar of Social Studies of Lerida, which had to take charge giving the educations of the title of Social Graduate of the Social School of Barcelona. Later already in the year 1990, the former Advice of the Patronage of the Seminar of Social Studies of Lerida, in meeting at which there were present the Civil Governor, the President of the County council and the Mayor of Lerida, there reminded the dissolution of the mentioned Patronage and the transfer of all his goods to the Private Foundation University School of Social Graduates of Lerida, in process of constitution

The imparting of the studies for the School, first of Social Graduate and after Graduate in Labor Relations, they come being realized, for previously exposed, from the year 1966 and though it is true that the height of the studies of Labor Relations in Lleida, for the great number of matriculated persons was in the 80s and 90s and decreased as in the majority of Catalan and Spanish Universities due to external factors: demographic decrease, territorial proliferation of public universities and the increase of private universities, as it recognizes the White Book of the Title of degree in Labor Sciences and Human Resources, the University School of Labor Relations has could resist and at present it is mending the number of matriculated persons in the first course. In addition, we must bear in mind the traditional and consolidated character strongly established in the company leridana of the studies of Labor Relations that base too the current offer of Degree of Labor Relations and Human Resources of the University School of Lleida’s Labor Relations, assigned to Lleida’s University; so that nobody questions the need of the universitary education in Labor Relations and Human Resources, in view of the demand of the above mentioned studies for offices of social graduates, attorneys, economists, the public function, companies, or as liberal professional, at the time that the polyvalency of the title is accentuated, since it emphasizes the White Book

The Diplomatura in Labor Relations, which Social replaced the graduate’s former qualifications, was given, at present, in 61 centers, of 51 different localities and in 41 Public Universities, it is, so, a qualifications widely extended in the set of the university Spanish system. In the course 2002/2003, as he gathers in his page 67 the White Book of the Degree in Labor Sciences and Human Resources, it had registered in the Diplomatura 38550 pupils. The labor demand of the graduates in Labor Relations is very important.

From the year 2006, the aim of the University School of Lleida’s Labor Relations has been to be employed as for the necessary strategies at the new educational frame, defining the specific and transverse competitions that the graduates have to acquire, to re-define the program of practices, to adapt the dimension of the groups to the educational methodology derived from the EEES, to update the educational competitions of the professorship of agreement to the requirements of the EEES and certainly to establish a permanent mechanism of interaction with the sociolabor environment. The operative lines that have been carried out to develop these strategies have been, first (year 2006), the creation of an executive and representative Commission with the participation of the external agents to debate the competitions of the qualifications of Law. It suits to emphasize that the above mentioned Commission recommended to the University School of Labor Relations the convenience of giving a more specific formation in matters in which a major professional exit is detected in the area of the UdL.

The University School of Lleida’s Labor Relations, in the year 2005 entered as member of right plenary session the Association of University Centers of Labor Relations and Sciences of the Work, which ends and activities are: a) To defend, with full respect to the autonomy of the universities and, in his bosom, the Centers and Departments to which compete the education and the investigation on the Labor Relations and the Sciences of the Work the common interests of the above mentioned organs in the consolidation and promotion of his studies, b) To try, in the same terms, the search of harmonic solutions to the problems that appear in relation with the organization of the educations of Labor Relations and of Sciences of the Work, in all his levels and degrees c) In general, and without prejudice of the functions that correspond to the Universities and to other public and private institutions, the defense and promotion of the education and the investigation of the Labor Relations and of the Sciences of the Work, d) To promote the knowledge, to try the diffusion of the studies of Labor Relations and of Sciences of the Work before the diverse public and private institutions, e) To establish cooperative channels and of diffusion that they redound to the quality of the teaching and investigation of the Sciences of the Work and of the Labor Relations.

In the year 2007 there was designed and approved the map of qualifications that would offer the University School of Lleida’s Labor Relations: that of Labor Relations and Human Resources.

At the end of June, 2007 the Advice of Government of the UdL there approves the Plan The Director of the Teaching, who fixes the directives of the model of teaching of the above mentioned University School for the production of the different Degrees.